Monday, 21 October 2013

Bunting Bonanza goes live!

Today the Lynemouth attempt on the Bunting world record began! 40 Children valiantly drew stuck and stitched to make their pennants in the school colours of red and gold....I was supposed to be working with more children on Tuesday & Wednesday but the mighty OFSTED has other ideas!! So we will continue our Bunting Bonanza on Thursday....and don't forget the drop in workshop at the Lynemouth Resource Centre next Sunday!

So I'll be busy the next couple of days working some stitchery pokery magic on the bunting and doing the final preparations for the rest of the workshops for next week. I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

October Workshop mayhem

No time for Trick or Treating for me this year! I'll be busy running workshops for a great new programme in South Northumberland Weave is all about creating links between creative people, I'm really excited to be involved and looking forward to getting stuck in! In the next couple of weeks I'll be leading workshops in Bunting, Mobile phone covers, upcycling bras into bags and more....and other great textile artists are doing heaps more workshops too - get involved!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Hubble Bubble....

Dyeing time again.. preparing lots of fabric for a new set of work. I like to dig out the dye bath and silk screens every so often - takes me back to student days:)

I usually try and do this when the kids are not around though - can you imagine the mayhem if they got into this stuff?? Well I guess the house would be (more) colourful!

Friday, 26 April 2013

April Ideas

I've been playing around with making some more three dimensional pieces. The tricky part is making my beach hut look suitably weathered! I made some with CAD embroidery but they look a little too perfect if you know what I mean. So now I'm trying stitched and ripped layers of fabric. Then I have to figure out how to attach the beach hut to the beach....

I also think I'm going to get all 'La Di Da' and call them 'Objet D'art' so people know they're not glorified pin cushions!

I'm preparing for a Craft & Design Fair in July at the moment - seems a long way off but I know that 10 weeks will fly by unless I write myself a schedule! How do YOU keep to your plans? I'm already a piece of work down on my target for this week...was I too ambitious - or too easily distracted in a 'My I must clean behind those radiators today' kind of way??

Friday, 19 April 2013

lovetextiles April 2013

I am trying to get back into an efficient working routine after the Easter holiday. The kids are back in school and so I can now ignore the clutter and the washing up and run away upstairs to the attic to draw and stitch all how come I'm thinking about the housework that needs doing and the dust I can see now the sun has come out?

Today will be spent creating the harbour to go on a large piece so I'd better get on and do it...then I can post a picture of it later on!